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The SliderG5 is a high-quality solution for attaching comfortable fishing seats to bench seat-style boats. Built to last, it is machined from 12 gauge steel, weighs in around eleven pounds, and comes standard in a polyester, TGIC Tuff Black powder finish. This finish is specifically formulated for UV exposure and outdoor applications and also provides an outstanding base to custom match the SliderG5 to your boat with any can of matte spray paint. The sliding wedge is made from extremely tough, abrasion resistant three-quarter inch UHMW plastic.

Installation is straightforward. Place on your bench in the desired location and screw it down with eleven size 14 stainless steel screws and star washers, which keep the screws from vibrating free. The last two screws on each end function as built-in stops. They are placed wider than the inside screws, and the two channels machined out of the bottom of the sliding wedge allow the wedge to pass over the four inside screws, but not the outside ones. The swivel is attached to the sliding wedge with four stainless machine screws, washers, and lock nuts.

To easily remove your seat assembly, mount the Slider base so it is offset, leaving room between the base and end of the bench. Use the inside mounting holes on the end of the Slider base, and the seat/wedge assembly is easily removed, or a second seat assembly can slide in. The quick-release pin inserted into the rail at the end of the base serves as a stop.

When under power or trailering, the quick-release pins keep the sliding wedge securely in place. Simply slide the seat assembly off to one side and insert a pin in the desired hole. Slide the seat assembly back over until it stops against the pin and insert the second pin on the other side of the wedge. Store the pins in the outside holes when not in use.

The benefits of attaching a Slider or two are numerous. First, your boat is safer. When operating your tiller on one side, the person in front of you can move to the other side, giving you a clear view ahead and at the same time balancing your boat. As you know, boats run better and smoother when they are balanced.

Next, if you are a duck hunter and use a boat blind, you will find the SliderG5 makes your set-up easier and more comfortable. The guy in the middle is normally at an advantage, but the guy on the tiller is in bad shape, usually limited on the side where he can shoot. He always has to position the boat so he can shoot out the port side. With the SliderG5 you can put your boat on any side of a grass island, or go right in the middle of it. The tiller operator can easily slide to any side he wants to shoot from. In addition, there is no ducking or crouching down in the blind, as you can sit right in the middle, rather than off to one side. Speaking of tillers, you can operate your tiller from either side, whether you are right or left handed. And finally, you can fish from any side of the boat in your comfortable seat. There is no awkward casting from a fixed position on your bench.

We offer a great product that we are proud to sell. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and stand 100% behind our product. Try a SliderG5 on your boat! You'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

The SliderG5 Advantage. Solid. Simple. Solution.



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