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All Stainless Steel Hardware Included

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Mounting instructions for the SliderG5.  Stainless steel hardware included.

Step 1 Attach your swivel to the plastic wedge.  Put the four bolts through the bottom of the wedge, place swivel on top, add a washer and lock nut to each bolt, tighten.

Step 2 Rotate the swivel so you can access the bolt holes.  Attach swivel to fishing seat with the bolts included with the seat.

Step 3 Slide the seat/swivel/wedge assembly into the SliderG5 base.

Step 4 Place the SliderG5 on your boat's bench in the desired location.

If using the quick release option, offset the base so there is room to slide the seat/swivel/wedge assembly in and out of the base.  Typically this requires at least 12” of clearance between the base and gunwale of boat.  Test to ensure proper clearance.

Step 5 Drill a pilot hole through the front clip using a sharp 1/8” drill bit.  Place a star washer over a #14 screw, then screw in by hand.  It will feel like it strips out, but keep going, it will tighten up.  Repeat for the other two holes. 

Tip: Center-punch to keep drill bit from wandering.

Step 6
Continue the same process on the four inside holes.  When finished, repeat the process for the outside holes.  If using the quick release option, use the inner holes on the end you are sliding your seat from.  Use the outer holes on the opposite side.  The outside holes act as a stop for the wedge.

Step 7 To use the quick-release pins, insert the first pin in the desired hole.  Slide seat over until the sliding wedge makes contact with the pin.  Insert the second pin in the hole on the other side of the sliding wedge.


Remove pins at the same angle they are inserted, otherwise may be difficult to remove. 

When not using your quick-release pins, store them in the end holes of the base.  If using the quick seat release option, the pin serves as a stop to keep the wedge/swivel/seat assembly from coming out.

When trailering, secure wedge/swivel/seat assembly with the quick-release pins.

Use the quick-release pins after positioning seat to prevent unintentional sliding.


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