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Got my sliders installed today... can't say enough about the quality of these things, they will outlive my boat...
-Brad, TX

Thanks for such a great product. The sliders make fishing more enjoyable, especially with a bench seat boat setup. I will recommend the sliders to others. I hope you have continued success! GOD bless!!
-Phillip, GA

It's great...wonderful idea...easy to install!
-Sandy, AL

We love these sliders :)
-Dana, WA

I installed the Sliders on my 1985 Lowe 1652. It was an easy job and all necessary parts were included. The strength of the Sliders reinforced the tired bench seats and the screws bit and held well. I mounted two Attwood seats on swivels and it transformed my boat. I can slide to the gunnel to land a fish, hunt in all directions, and trim the ride instantly when my forward passenger is off to one side. You have a great product and I wish you continued success. Thanks.
-Jake, MD

PERFECT!! Got the front seat installed and just happened to work out that centered there is just enough room to get the seat out if I need to. This was exactly what I imagined it would be. I was joking to my wife that it was funny that these seat slides were the first things I planned for this old boat when I started. It's nice to see them finally on there. Took the boat out over the weekend for its maiden voyage. Not a drop leaked in. Not bad for 1964 and sitting out in the open for 8-10 years. Thanks for making an excellent product. I spent a lot of time on grandpa's old boats and I really think that the Sliders are the icing on the cake.
-Brent, FL

Great service and product. Installs in a snap and is heavy duty, well machined with quality materials. Great to see an American made product that kicks butt.
-Richard, NY

The Sliders are outstanding, installed them this weekend. I’m going to be ordering more for another boat.
-Kurt, IL

A lot more comfortable to fish with, with them in the boat. Thanks again.
-Jeffery, WI

I liked your seat system so much I purchased 2 more for my son's boat so all 3 seats now slide. It is the best system I have found and tried so far yet. Thanks again for your help and your seat system.
-Jeff, WI

I did receive the Slider and I must say that I had previously had an “aluminum on aluminum” sliding bracket for several years (it was on the boat when I bought it from my neighbor 5 years ago). The previous slider assembly always seemed to hang up and I was always taking it off and trying to lubricate the slides but it would only last for about a few weeks. When I saw your package I knew immediately I wanted to try it. Well, I must say it is the greatest slide assembly that I could imagine. It is so easy to install and it works with no effort. It is well worth the money and far superior to other slide assemblies. Many thanks for making such a fine product.
-Roger, NY

I forgot to tell you that a sales rep at Bass Pro told me to look up your product rather than buy their smaller nonmovable mount. I guess they know a good product. Maybe you should contact them to carry your G5.
-Dan, VA

Hey guys the set-up works great!!!! The seat I installed on the rig is about 61" across so by off-setting the track a little I can easily remove a seat when needed. I also painted the track to match the interior color and it looks darn good. You fellas have a high quality product, and I am sure it will outlast me. Thanks again.
-Ed, MT


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